Face Value: The hidden ways beauty shapes women’s lives


A new book out last summer talks about how perceived beauty skews our life.

Reader, Gio, describes the book, “A feminist who made a living by writing for beauty magazines, Whitefield-Madrano explores the way the beauty industry shapes society’s expectations of beauty and the way it affects women’s lives and self-esteem.

Some of the issues explored here include the extensive use of photoshop in the media, why women wear makeup, and whether women pay so much attention to their appearance to impress men. The aim is dispell common myths about our beauty-obsessed society to discover how big or small the impact of the beauty ideal perpetuated by the media harms women.”

A review I read from Christie has this to say about the book, “This is an interesting, thought-provoking look at beauty–what it is, what it means for people, how it affects people’s lives.”

This book does receive some mediocre reviews, mostly for having a lack of scientific research and for stating what most of the readers have already heard before. While the reviews are so-so, I still feel the book is worth a look.

I have not read this book yet. Have you? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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