There is a lot that goes into selecting the perfect photographer for capturing the portraits you’re wanting.  We are going to go over a thorough list that will help you select the perfect Boudoir photographer for your experience.

Shop Portfolios

The first thing you will want to look at to help you decide on a photographer is their portfolio.  You want to make sure their style is consistent in all their pictures. A photographer’s style does tend to change over time; but it should be consistent from one shoot to the next.  This will help you know what to expect from your shoot in regard to color tones of the portrait, posing, sets, and dark and moody vs bright and airy.  


An important factor in selecting a Boudoir photographer is how they are priced.  Boudoir is such a sensitive style to shoot and you want a photographer that is confident in their skills and experience to provide you with an amazing and empowering experience.  An experienced professional photographer will have confidence to charge what their skills are valued at and be able to pay their Hair and Make-up professionals a fair wage for their time and skills.  Allura Boudoir is a Luxury Brand with two full-time photographers that have invested time and money into their craft of taking incredible Boudoir portraits. That investment is passed on to our clients through the experience we provide every client.  We hire the best Hair and make-up team in Katy, Tx (Katy Mobile Studio) to do HMU on-site.  Our albums are printed by the best publishers in the World out of Portugal.  We do this so all our clients can feel confident with their purchase and investment.


It is important to note that every photographer will have different products available for purchase to remember the Boudoir experience.  We have found that tangible items such as albums, wall art, and prints never go out of style.  People still very much love the way a nice well-made album feels in their hands and the smell of the silk matted portrait pages. The way a nice wall art compliments the décor in your home with your stunning image.  Having the perfect portrait that will not be forgotten on a flash disk or folder on the computer still means something to many of us.  They will be a timeless reminder of your beautiful boudoir experience and when you are feeling a little down on confidence you pull out that beautiful handmade leather-bound album to remember what a Baddie you are. Trust me you deserve it.


Scheduling your favorite photographer can be challenging because sessions book out fast.  Allura Boudoir is fortunate to have two full-time photographers to accommodate most schedules without compromising the client’s full personalized experience.  No mini-sessions here, we dedicate a full-day to your complete experience; from getting you runway ready for your shoot to the video photo reveal in the on-site theater.


We always say, “Experience Matters”.  It takes an experienced photographer that knows exactly how to pose, light, and direct facial expressions for every client, of every body type, and demographic to get consistent artistically beautiful pictures.  Allura Boudoir has been in business since 2013 and maintains the same quality of craft for all portrait sessions.  Our clients can book with confidence that what they see in our portfolio will be consistent with the style and professionalism they see in their own boudoir session.  We work with all body types and have a full, size inclusive client closet with over 100 wardrobe options sizes XS-3XL.  Our posing and lighting techniques will thin and contour all body shapes, so don’t worry about those extra pounds you’re wanting to lose before booking.


An important topic that can be overlooked many times is, personality.  It is a good idea to make sure the professional you hire is a good communicator and likable.  It is hard to have a good experience and get quality portraits if you are not comfortable with your photographer.  Allura Boudoir always conducts phone consultations so we can clearly communicate our services and the experience we provide.  This also gives our clients an opportunity to warm-up to us, ask any questions, and access if we are good fit for their boudoir session.

Fit for Specific Style

There is a term you often hear, “a Jack of all trades is a master of none”. We have found that specializing and mastering one style of photography (Boudoir) has allowed us to improve with each session and deliver a product far better than what our client had originally imagined.  We understand that boudoir can be empowering or completely break a woman’s confidence.  When dealing with such a sensitive subject it is best to see someone that specializes in the subject at hand and not a general practitioner.


Lastly, I would say it is important to assess your photographer’s professionalism if you want professional portraits.  Professionals train, they’re equipped, educated, and invest in not only themselves but their clients.  When assessing, start with their website. Do they have a professional webpage with a neat presentation and a (.com) address?  Is their intake process smooth and informative? Do they provide products or just file transfer digital images?  Will their images print color correct if you purchase printing rights? Where should you print your images, if you decide too later?  Are they able to pose all body types?  

Picking a boudoir photographer can be a daunting task and if our style is not the perfect match for you I hope that these tips will assist you in selecting a photographer that will make your dream Boudoir session come to life.


  • Candice says:

    All those photos are beautiful!! I love how u make someone feel comfortable in their own skin!!

  • Teresa Bridgewater says:

    Beautiful photos whom everyone you choose as the winter is going to love it.Thank you for considering me and it was nice talking to you Jessica 😊

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