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Lauren was the lucky lady who won a Boudoir Party and Photo Shoot with Allura Glamour Photography. She’s my lovely co-worker so we had a great time working together outside of the office. During her boudoir party she got to bring a friend and relax with some absolutely delicious mimosas! Allura Glamour Photography partnered with Chrome; A Salon Experience for these sessions. Chrome did an absolutely amazing job with the girl’s hair and makeup. Lauren got perfectly curled locks, pulled to the side and a bold wine colored lipstick. The girls looked stunning and the salon was the perfect backdrop for their portraits.

Boudoir Party Set #1 – The Red Sofa

The portraits from the red sofa set look like they belong on the cover of a magazine. Lauren looks breath-taking in these shots that we took for her boyfriend. She paired one of his button-down shirts with a sexy satin Victoria’s Secret babydoll. This look is my absolute favorite. She looks confident and comfortable showing off her long legs and gorgeous curves.

Boudoir Party Set # 2: Miss America

For this set, Lauren chose to wear this super cute Americana crop top with a simple red g-string. The simple but sexy outfit looks perfect with her smoky eye and burgundy lipstick. Her beautiful necklace also shines in these shots.

Boudoir Party Set #3: Window Light

While working around Chrome’s salon I saw this simple hallway with beautiful natural light coming through a huge window. I grabbed Lauren and snapped a few pictures in the hallways with all natural light. In this shot she’s wearing a red lace babydoll and again her beautiful necklace and bracelet add the perfect touch to these classy boudoir photographs.

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Are you interested in booking a boudoir party with Allura Glamour Photography? If you are interested in booking your own fun Boudoir Party with your friends please contact Jessica at Allura Glamour Photography


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